Elisha Peterson's Publications and Talks

As of 2010, this page is no longer being maintained.

Scholarly Papers and Other Written Work

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  • "Trace Diagrams, Representations, and Low-Dimensional Topology" , PhD Thesis at the University of Maryland (advised by Bill Goldman), 2006. PDF
  • "Combinatorial Proofs of a Generalized Sperner's Lemma" , undergraduate thesis at Harvey Mudd College (advised by Francis Su), 2000. PDF

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  • "Computing SL(2,C) Central Functions with Spin Networks" (with Sean Lawton), to appear in Geometry Dedicatae. arXiv:0903.2372 (see also this mathematica notebook with combinatorial recurrence implementation)
  • "Trace Diagrams, Signed Graph Colorings, and Matrix Minors" (with Steve Morse), Involve 3 (2010), 33-66. arXiv:0903.1373
  • "Using a Wiki to Enhance Cooperative Learning in a Real Analysis Course" , PRIMUS 19, pp. 18-28, 2009. journal link
  • "Spin Networks and SL(2,C) Character Varieties" (with Sean Lawton), Handbook of Teichmuller Theory Volume II (Chapter 16), 2009, Athanase Papadopoulos, ed., EMS Publishing House. arXiv: math.QA/0511271
  • "Four-person envy-free chore division" (with Francis Su), Mathematics Magazine 75, pp. 117-122, 2002. PDF
  • "A polytopal generalization of Sperner's Lemma" (with Francis Su & Jesus de Loera), Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A 100, pp. 1-26, 2002. PDF

Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • "Cooperation in Social Networks: Communication, Trust, and Selflessness" (with Chris Arney), Proceedings of the 2008 Army Science Conference (chosen Best Paper in the Advanced Modeling and Simulation Category, and 3rd Best Paper Overall out of 845 abstract entries). PDF

Works under Review

Technical Reports & Unpublished Expository Work

  • "Dynamic Cobwebbing with Geogebra" , online tutorial, 2008. link
  • "A mathematical formalism for selfish and altruistic cooperation in social networks" (with Chris Arney), technical report for the 2007 USMA Network Science Workshop, West Point, NY. PDF
  • "A Not-so-Characteristic Equation: the Art of Linear Algebra" , unpublished expository article, 2008. arXiv:0712.2058

In Progress

  • "Trace Diagrams and the Invariant Theory of 2x2 Matrices" , in preparation.
  • "Generalized Trace Diagram Recurrences and the Computation of nj-Symbols" , in preparation.

Talks since 2006

Trace Diagrams, Character Varieties, and Applications

Pursuit/Evasion and Cooperation

Teaching and Technology


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