PhD Thesis

Thesis Errata

  1. Page 24: the section heading should read "SL(2,C)-Equivariance"
  2. Page 29 (Proposition 3.15): The signs in (3.8) should all be negative.
  3. Page 30 (Proof of Proposition 3.15): In the final display formula with lead in "In particular:" all signs should be negative.
  4. Page 30 (Proposition 3.16): The sign in (3.9) should be a simple subtraction.
  5. Page 31 (Proof of Proposition 3.16): The sign $(-1)^i$ should be just $-$ (third line from top of page).
  6. Page 79 (Lemma 6.7): The sign in the second part of (6.5) should be positive. The sign in the first part of (6.6) should be negative. The $i$ should not appear in either formula.
  7. Page 79 (Proof of Lemma 6.7): Replace the $(-1)^i$ in every display formula with $-$.
  8. Page 80 (Corollary 6.8): In the upper right term, the sign should be simply $-$. In the lower left term, the sign should be simply $+$.
  9. Page 83: At the beginning of section 6.5, the last term of the recurrence formula should be $-\frac{\delta^2(\beta-1)^2}{a(a-1)c(c-1)}\chi_{\alpha,\beta-2,\gamma}$.
  10. Page 85-87: Remove the triple $\{b,j_i,l_i\}$ from the list of admissible triples in Lemma 6.13. Also remove $\{b,j,l\}$ in the list on page 86, and $\{b,j_i,l\}$ from the list on page 87.

Errata for Other Papers

Art of Linear Algebra

  • Page 6, formula for downstrand with matrix should be $v^T\mapsto v^TA$ or $(A^Tv)^T$ instead of the stated $(Av)^T$.
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