About my Faith

Here are some more of my thoughts on faith and science.

I am a mathematician by profession and a skeptic by nature, but I also believe that science has its limits. The immensity of the knowledge we have gained makes it easy for us to forget about the many things we do not understand. I believe in God because I was face to face with my own wretchedness and experienced the love of God in a very real and personal manner.

Blaise Pascal wrote in his Pensees about mankind's fantastic paradox: we as a species are great in what we can accomplish, but doomed in our inability to control our own behavior. We can describe all kinds of things in this world, but we can't describe ourselves. We can control all kinds of things in this world, but we can't control ourselves. We can send a man to the moon, but we can't hold our tongue.

By ourselves, we are unable to follow even the simplest rules. This is the human problem.

The problem cannot be solved by science.

The solution is not about religious rules that we are by nature unable to follow. Often we try to make up rules about faith and religion. But that's just another way we try (and inevitably fail) to control over our own lives.

The solution is finding out what we were meant to be. I follow Jesus because through Him I understand what I am meant to be.

Suggested reading for anyone curious about how Christianity works: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

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