2008-11-20 Dynamic Mathematics and Pursuit-Evasion Games

Dynamic Mathematics and Pursuit-Evasion Games , USMA Department of Mathematical Sciences Center for Faculty Development (Colloquium), Nov 20, 2008. PDF slides and PPTX slides and Applets Page

Abstract: Pursuit/Evasion Games are simple games in which the primary objective is either to chase down the opposing team, or to avoid capture by the opposing team. These games are played out all around us: think of football, ultimate frisbee, and capture-the-flag… and what would Hollywood do without car chases? Exact solutions can be found for simple versions of these games using differential equations. However, this talk focuses on visualizations of these games when there are two or more teams and lots of players involved. Several scenarios will be illustrated using a Java platform that automatically updates solutions whenever parameters are changed. This visual approach is one example showing how making mathematics "dynamic" can lead to additional insights into the underlying situation.

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