2010-12 Cooperation in a Network: Agent Metrics and Cooperation Space

Cooperation in a Network: Agent Metrics and Cooperation Space (with Chris Arney), Proceedings of the 2010 Army Science Conference. PDF

Abstract: This paper shows how existing graph theoretic measures of centrality may be combined with the emerg-ing framework of subset team games to generate new ways of understanding networks. In particular, coopera-tion space is a new concept defined within the framework that encodes a wealth of information regarding the state of cooperation within a network, including the key players (or subsets of players) and potential points of disruption.
We discuss in detail multiple methods for generating data in cooperation space, given a standard graph theoret-ic metric such as nodal centrality. We illustrate these ide-as with several concrete examples that apply the tech-niques to specific networks, and discuss insights that can be gained from this approach. Finally, we discuss why al-truism is a key factor in network effectiveness, and the impact of these ideas on network disruption.

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