Project NExT Panel Session: Using Computer Algebra Systems in Courses such as Single and Multivariable Calculus

This page contains slides from the panel session on "Using computer algebra systems in courses such as single and multivariable calculus" held at MathFest 2008 in Madison, WI, as part of the program for Sun Dots (2007 NExT fellows).


Panelists: Judy Holdener, Kenyon College; Ron Lipsman, University of Maryland; Jon Rogness, University of Minnesota; Ed Swim, United States Military Academy at West Point

Abstract: In this session participants will discuss the role of computer algebra systems (CAS) in the curriculum. The panelists will address topics such as: how to make the decision of whether to use a CAS, how a CAS can (and cannot) be used to solve problems, what to expect from students and how to help them beat the learning curve, inclusion of a CAS across a curriculum, and examples of using CAS in teaching and assessment.

Organizers: Jeremy Muskat, Western State College of Colorado; Elisha Peterson, United States Military Academy; Bill Wood, Hendrix College


  • Judy Holdener: "CAS for visualization, unwieldy computation, and hands-on learning" (CAS for visualization.pptx)
  • Ron Lipsman: "The SCHOL project in the University of Maryland mathematics department" (MathFest08wBooks.ppt)
  • Ed Swim: "Mathematica in the military: using CAS tools at the United States Military Academy" (NExT2008Swim.ppt)
  • Jon Rogness: "Using a CAS in your Courses" (see below or link to slides) Note: use spacebar or arrow keys to page through these slides

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